Roulette at Grand Vegas Casino

One of the most popular table games at casino roulette always was. Simplicity of play rules and unpredictable result make millions of gamers sitting behind roulette table, watching wheel rotation and hypnotizing that stubborn ball.

There are two types of roulette - European and American. The latter, besides the usual zero has an additional field, double zero. That's why the American Roulette has more game combinations and, consequently, a slightly different ratio of rates and payments. For example, in case of number bet European roulette winnings are paid off at the rate of 1:37, while the American roulette at the rate of 1:38.

Online roulette at Grand Vegas Casino is represented in both versions. Bets on a number, on combinations of 2,3,4,6 numbers, on a dozen, on 1-18 and 19-38, on even-odd, on red and black are sanctioned. The player can bet on any number of combinations in each round, putting chips on the selected fields and lines of the playing field. The minimum bet while playing Roulette at Grand Vegas Casino is $1.